Vibox control system

It is a set of equipment that is capable of controlling and managing all the functions of a poultry house, such as:

Hall ventilation

  • minimum partial ventilation, which is also dependent on the outside temperature;
  • ventilation in groups with variable speed;
  • static ventilation with damper control and three-stage cooling;
  • separately adjustable flap opening control;
  • heating control;
  • temperature history with graph for 1 month or 30 weeks;
  • minimum and maximum temperature alarm;
  • damaged probe alarm.

Feeding system

  • automatic feeding start with up to 12 feedings per day;
  • alert contact for movement.

Manure removal control

  • lowering of manure conveyors;
  • control of arrow shovels for litter scooping.

Lighting control with time zones; sunrise and sunset program and raising of lights

Weighing of feed and recording of feed consumption

Recording water consumption and controlling water valves

Alarms, e.g.: water shortage, emergency ventilation, power shortage, feed weight, heating block, water pad.
Inputs for: time control of feed conveyor.

Separate alarm priority management and automatic sending of alarms to mobile phone.

Possibility to connect the control system to the company network, display and set parameters on a remote computer.