Enriched colony systems

According Vibox 17 years experience with enrich colony system we would like to offer you an EU-compliant by directive of Council 1999/74/ES, animal-friendly and hygienic system for efficient and safe egg production. Our enriched cage system provides freedom of movement and so hens will act as their natural behaviour. Rows of enriched cages can be made with 3 tiers up to tiers included automatic manure removal belts system, and they are constructed in compliance with new requirements for poultry rising.

We have created two models width 1590 mm and 1640 mm with the nest at the back side as our standard design to improve the cleanliness and quality of the eggs. In wider type 1640mm we use flat chain feeding system inside of cage. Trough is used from both sides so hens have enough feeding space. This provides the ideal solution to reduce running and maintenance costs, while decreasing mortality.

The contact between the eggs is reduced to a minimum with automatic the belt movement and egg protecting system from hens.
Vibox proposes and redesigned models to cover all possible requirements to meet the Client’s needs.