image descriptionBroiler cages

Vibox developed a broiler growing system with field tests to justify the effectiveness, performance and economics of the system. Due to continuous pressure from the industry/market the demand for such systems has grown rapidly globally to replace the standard floor growing systems with comfortable and spacious cage systems.

Vibox broiler cage systems is to maximize flock performance, maximize hygienic condition, reduce poultry diseases and high density of birds per shed thanks to efficient ventilation

The system provides optimal brooding management with birds eating and drinking sooner resulting in early chick development.
Maximizing bodyweight profile and uniformity, meat quality, no breast blisters, damaged keel bone and reduced mortality. The growing period is shorter to achieve the required body weight. Reduced labour costs.

These cage facility is the central power control, also including monitoring of water levels in each floor, with feeding inside the cage – adjustable high position of feeders, manure removal and tipping floors for transporting broiler during end of the cycle.

Recommended capacity of broiler is 50kg/ m2, which is 132 pcs in one section with maximum weight 2kg/pcs.