image descriptionAviary systems

We developed a modern Aviary system for the housing of laying hens for barn egg and free range eggs production known as VIBOX Aviary system. Changing regulations, related to Animal welfare, influenced Vibox to develop a future-oriented product to accomplish these possible changes. The VIBOX Aviary system combines a multitude of features with essential advantages, appropriate for the future and for an economical housing system.

The desired flexibility of the alternative Housing System came from the egg producers/farmers affected by changing EU regulations that played an important role in the development of this product.

Vibox provides intermediate passages with one or more rows for VIBOX Aviary system to facilitate comfortable control and management of the equipment by personnel.

Egg-collecting belts are on passage side of the system at each tier to easily handle and control. Furthermore, the advantage of this system is the low building height requirement optimizing and utilizing the available area efficiently. Accessibility to the system for the birds can be through different approach ramps/platforms/perches allowing the birds to climb/fly onto to the system. To accommodate and to maximize the number of birds in the system/house and to comply with regulations (stocking density) additional perches/chain feeder can be added to the top tier.

VIBOX Aviary system for egg production conforms to all Animal Welfare legal requirements, e.g. nests, drinkers, perches & feeder space per bird, freedom of movement, stocking density and of course a bird-friendly environment in the system.

The system involves low labour costs, ease of management and the egg collection is fully automatic.