image descriptionFeeding system

Flexible spiral conveyors designed to transport loose and granulated material with transport performance of 400 up to 4200 kg of feed per one hour from silos to poultry houses.

Vibox offers two feeding systems and both are fully programmable.

The Vibox Feed hoppers are used with equipment for breeding laying hens, pullets and parents stock. Each row of cage equipment has got independent hoppers, which run on the rails outer side of the cages.
The system can be programmed to choose both the number of runs and the waiting period at the end of the forward run.
The hoppers have been carefully designed to avoid the feed being compressed or stuck of the feed.
The Vibox flat chaining system can be used for all the equipment for breeding laying hens, pullets, parents stock included floor systems, aviary systems.
The main hopper on the begging of each row releases the feed for each tier of cages separately. If it is necessary due to long poultry house, we can divide the chain into two circuits and reduce the run time and feed selection.